[ Director/Lead Writer ] [ Visual Novel - High Fantasy ]

Featherbent is a visual novel that takes place within the communal meritocracy of the Strata, a lush, solarpunk landscape bursting at every tier with natural architecture and colourful winged inhabitants. Follow Matteo after graduation from his childhood Brood, and journey to uncover the dangerous secrets, political intrigue, and unearthly creatures lurking deep within the past and present history of his society.

With exquisite illustrations, a full soundtrack, and a complete voice acting cast, an extremely talented team of artists, coders, musicians, and actors are coming together to bring this passion project to life. 



[ Assistant Editor ] [ Comic - Psychological Horror ]

Surreality is about a girl named Jackie who has a very inconvenient superpower. Every thought she has becomes real -- whether she likes it or not. The result? An increasingly unclear delineation between Jackie's identity, the thoughts, feelings, and memories of others, and the structure of time and space as a whole.