Welcome to my little corner of the internet! This website was created in response to the Great Tumblr Exodus of 2018, as both a professional website and a primary hub for general archival purposes.

I'm Fivetail, a 27-year-old nonbinary oddball living in Canada. I was raised by a dangerous yet potent combination of escapism and internet, and I’ve been doing this whole 'fiction' thing since Creative Writer on Windows '95. (Long live McZee!)

I am the co-creator, director, and lead writer for Featherbent, a visual novel aimed for a Spring/Summer 2019 release. Reinvented from a fanwork, this is a massive passion project I’ve been collaborating on with over twenty other like-minded creatives I had the privilege of meeting through fandom, from artists to voice actors to musicians to programmers. The experience so far has been invaluable to my development as both a writer and a person. I only hope it’ll be worth the wait for the many who’ve stuck with us throughout the years, still excited for the new iteration.

I’m also the writer of some works in a very niche fandom genre: second-person narrative Reader-insert fanfiction. Totalling 85,000+ words and 50,000+ hits on Archive of Our Own alone, these are stories I am quite proud of—and they can all be found under the Fanworks subheading, with the choice to read them here on-site or over at AO3.

Now, this is the part of the “About” page where I bore the two people still reading this with random details about my heritage and upbringing. Unfortunately, you must be at least a Level Four friend to unlock my tragic backstory. Here’s a link to all of my Spotify playlists, instead.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your stay!